Matte French Nail Stickers

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  • Matte French Nail Stickers - Nail Art Singapore
  • Matte French Nail Stickers - Nail Art Singapore
  • Matte French Nail Stickers

While the classic French nails will never go out of fashion, we added a twist with reverse french designs with a matte touch! Colors of this series will look darker indoor. If you view them under natural outdoor daylight, pictures will be close to and true to colors. We had taken every step to provide 2 to 4 picture references under different light exposure so as not to mislead our customers. All colors you see in the following pictures are painstakingly swatched by owner of nailartsg to her best ability. She used only natural soft daylight. The only editing done to these pictures are resizing and sharpening. Unfortunately we are not able to swatch indoor to resolve the color issue as mentioned because we do not have professional lighting equipment to take pictures indoor and raw pictures indoor tend to be blurry. If you cannot accept this, please do not order. Color can still differ due to different computer and smart phone screen resolutions. We hope to seek your kind understanding as the owner is a nail addict who happen to enjoy dressing up her nails but not a professional photographer.

Video Demo by @glacewing on instagram



Matte Blue



Matte Bouquet



Matte Chilli Red



Matte Cool Blue


Matte Hot Pink


Matte Indigo


Matte Khaki


Matte Lapis


Matte Light Gray


Matte Purple


Matte Raspberry


Matte Summer Sky


Matte Turquoise




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