Hello ladies, I am finally done with a new product testing and at long last ready to swatch. Sorry for the long break. Today, I'll be showing you 2 swatches from WithShyan Wedding Line and 1 from Solid Color Collection. So here we go.


Nail Color: Sanggyeonrye Day from WithShyan Wedding Line
Rings: From Aldo




Nail Color:
Base Color: First Meeting from WithShyan Wedding Line
Glitter Topper: Love from WithShyan Wedding Line
Ring: From Aldo


Nail Color: Moss from WithShyan Solid Color Collection
Ring: From Aldo


Sanggyeonrye Day at 1st glance the color from the bottle looks similar with Incentives from WithShyan's Office Lady Collection. After swatching, it looks more creamy nude peach color whereas Incentives has a tint of pink rather. Generally, WithShyan polishes have very good coverage so I used just 2 coats there. 

Love is made up of chunky gold glitters. It has a transparent base. I used First Meeting as the base color and topped Love over for this look. I prefer it as a topper as the color on it's own gave my nails a yellowish look. When used as a topper over First Meeting, I kinda like the finishing with my chunky ring from Aldo. I used the dabbing technique to apply the glitters on instead of gliding them through so I can get an even spread of the glitters. No fishing of glitters there. You can recreate many variations of this look using different base colors. 

Moss is an opaque green color. 2 coats for the opacity you see in the picture shown. I am not a fan of green nails but I think it did not look too bad overall. I guess it depends on your overall outfit and the accessory you are wearing for the look.

In the Background: If you notice there's this purplish gradient looking and blue tool in the picture, those are my new found love! I've tried and tested them for a month and now inseparable from all my nail art projects. Dumped the ones I had been using. Those 2 are just all I need. Guess what are they?

If you look close enough, it's not too hard to guess haha. I took samples from Europe. They perform and can last 100 times better than any of those cheap China made ones which I had been using all this while. Some of these which you can find from local drug stores are not cheap either and they don't last me more than 2 months. I am going to leave this in the air for now as they will be ready to hit my shop in mid or late July. I will do a detailed writeup on them once they are ready to flash ;)  

Thank you ladies for reading and have fun dressing up your nails.