Hello ladies, it's almost a month plus since my last swatch as I spent 3 weeks preparing my swatches for the Matte Nail Stickers new arrivals and was busy preparing my 2 boys for their SA1 examinations. It's the final paper today and so I can finally take a breather. I just released Shyan's Wedding Line Collection last week and managed to swatch 2 colors past week. Oh! I did these swatches with my less dominant hand! Hope I did not do too badly. The reason is my nails on my left hand are now pre-occupied with a new product testing so I cannot swatch until my testing benchmark period is over. I took extra caution to prevent polish from getting onto my cuticles otherwise I'll curse and swear with the cleaning up using my less dominant hand. So here they are:


Nail Color: Proposal from WithShyan Wedding Line Collection




Nail Color: Honeymoon from WithShyan Wedding Line Collection


Proposal has a light/nude pinkish purple base color with blue glitters. Looks natural with a light twist of blue glitter bits. I used 2 coats here. No fishing out of glitters using my cheap toothpick trick haha. For those who just joined my mailing list, just so you know, instead of using a dotting tool to pick up glitters from those glitter polishes that are difficult to spread evenly across my nails, I used toothpick because I don't have a dotting tool. I use cosmetic brushes that I hardly use as my clean up tool after painting instead of the professional nail art brushes. My point is, save. You can make do with what you find at home that will do the job just as good.

Honeymoon is a bright red color with fine black glitters. The glitters add some air of sophistication instead of the usual boring red polish. I used 3 coats to get this effect mainly because I was painting with my left hand and that added some difficulty in getting the right amount of polish each coat while trying hard to stabilize my hand when I paint so I don't splurge too much polish at a go resulting in a messy finishing which I will have a hard time touching up. Otherwise, 2 coats should be sufficient because the color looks pretty opaque after 1st coat. 

That's all for today. Thanks for reading and have fun dressing up your nails.