Hello there, I am back for more swatches from With Shyan collection. I can only complete 3 swatches for the past week as it's hard to wait for the right daylight condition to try and get the color as true as possible. So hope you ladies bear with me while I come up with the swatches for the rest of the colors.




Nail Color: Glass Red from WithShyan Office Lady Collection
Art: VK 04 from Lvida Water Decals



Nail Color: Friday from WithShyan Office Lady Collection





Nail Color: Bobbed Hair from WithShyan Solid Colors Collection
Art: VK 14 from Lvida Water Decals


Glass Red looks just like you had a lip tint after 2 coats, except it's on your nails instead. If you want more opacity, you can top it to 3 coats. Nice and simple translucent red nails to me when you are not up for something too opaque for a natural glow. 

Friday is a really pretty purple glitter. The glitters are chunky with various tones. I used 3 coats for to get this effect. Just a reminder, glitter polishes application can be a challenge. If you use the usual painting style from gliding bottom to tip, you will find most of the glitters are concentrated at the tip of your nails. Try using the dabbing technique for glitter polishes. There's lots of tutorials if you run a google search or youtube search. Basically, the dabbing technique involves picking up the glitters with the brush and lightly dab them across your nails. That way, you can spread the glitters around your nails. As to how much glitters to get to your nails, it really depends on personal preference. 

Bobbed Hair is your classic black polish. In my opinion, a classic black and white nail polish are must haves for any nail addict because they are just great for any nail art creation. In case you wonder what's the difference between Bobbed Hair and Lvida Chic Black since both are black polish, Bobbed Hair has a shinier finishing even before topping with top coat and definitely needs 2 coats to get what you see here. Lvida Chic Black formulation is thicker and more concentrated. A clean swipe can usually get the desired opacity but will need the top coat to get it to the perfect shine. 

Removing Glitter Polishes:

For those seasoned nail addicts, this is probably something not new. But please bear with me so to benefit those who just joined my mailing list.

Removing glitters can be a pain but that shouldn't stop you from using glitters because they just look so glam and pretty on nails. If you are using the usual drug store nail polish remover brands, dump those. Have you ever tried using almost one quarter of remover from the large size bottles just to remove glitters from 10 fingers with after effect biting and drying sensation? Gosh I hate those. That is a well known reason for why many are not into glitters other than it's not their thing. There's quite a number of tutorials when you run a search but for me, I like to keep this simple and cost effective rather. 

What do I use? Well, there's just 2 techniques I used primarily when it comes to removing glitters. Use a peel off base coat instead of the regular ones. It will make removing glitters such a walk in the park. Alternatively, if you do not have one, get a better nail polish remover. Dab a good amount (just 3 to 4 drops if you are using an effective remover) onto a cotton pad then wrap it around your nails for 1 minute and wipe off the glitters. Repeat this step again. That pretty much works for me. At the most 3 rounds for the stubborn glitters. Play a no brainier game on your smartphone in between the wait and you will get through this really fast for those with no patience because that's what I do all the time :- P

A good polish remover not just ease the removal process of glitters, it certainly makes a huge difference in cleaning non glitter polishes on your nails too with just 2 to 3 clean swipes. 

That's all for today. Thank you ladies for reading and have fun dressing up your nails.