Hi everyone, it's been a while since I wrote about nail art ideas. Getting alittle rusty but overall feeling great to be back painting again. By now, most of you had received or seen my newest collection of WithShyan 3-Free Polishes. Unfortunately there isn't much swatch references available and so I decided to do it myself. I am particularly in love with the Office Lady Collection. Thinking back the days when I was an account manager in an MNC where image was really quite a thing. Although one shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but looking professional certainly gain some points and willingness to listen to my presentation in front of my corporate clients which ranges from SMEs, oil majors and government department. So I left my fanciful nails till the weekends instead. Bare nails are not glam, but going simple or nude doesn't have to be boring. It adds a clean and fresh look with an understated elegance to your outfit. You don't have to look like Angelina Jolie to leave an impression. Here's what I had today and hope you ladies like it.

I'll be showing 2 pictures from each color.1 is plain swatch on it's own and the other is coupled with simple nail art.


Nail Color: Payday from WithShyan Office Lady Collection
Art: VK 01 from Lvida Water Decals


Nail Color Thumb, index and Pinky: 
First Day from WithShyan Office Lady Collection

Nail Color Middle and Ring:
Rolling Cloud from Modi Glam Collection



Nail Color: Overtime from WithShyan Office Lady Collection
Art: VK 18 from Lvida Water Decals


Nail Color: Incentives from WithShyan Office Lady Collection
Art: VK 06 from Lvida Water Decals


In general, I used 2 coats for all the above except for Incentives.

Pay Day displays a milky translucent tone after 2 coats. If you want more opacity, you can top it to 3 coats. Personally I like it 2 coats for a natural clean look. 

First Day is pretty much skin color. It is really ideal for the classic french nail. You can paint up to 3 coats if you like but again, I prefer it at 2 coats. It really all depends on how much polish you pick up for the 1st coat and usually, I wouldn't recommend too thin for 1st coat because that will leave negative space when you do the 2nd coat. Neither too much for 1st coat is good because then your 2nd coat will look gloopy. It's very hard to tell you how much is needed because every brand has different formulation and consistency. You've got to trial and error to understand the consistency for your accuracy in judging how much polish you should pick up with each coat. 

Overtime looks really classy and is my favorite among these 4. Very feminine on its own and yet I love the outcome with the Chanel inspired nail decal.

Incentives portrays a youthful look in my opinion. I think it goes very well with that simple gold chain decal on my thumb for some added feminine touch.  I used 3 coats for this because it still look quite translucent after 2 coats and my gut feel tells me this color needs more opacity to look good. But then that's just my preference. 

Must Do:

Remember your usual buffing and cleaning, putting on base coat before painting the color and top with a shiny top coat for a perfect finishing. The base and top coat is a must. Base coat helps the color to glide easily when you paint and helps the color to adhere better on your nails. Top coat not just give your nails a shiny finish but it helps to even out slightest imperfections during your painting process. 

Buffing is equally important to make your nails smooth prior to putting on the base coat. If you had not buff a long time, please do so. I must admit I am guilty as charged. When I was painting the 1st color from this collection, I just didn't feel quite right somehow. I clean off the polish and buff my nails then everything was a breeze when I paint. 

That's all for today. Thank you ladies for reading and I wish you a good weekend ahead.