May 2015 Mystery Shopper Reward

By Noelle Lim
on May 26, 2015
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It is with heartfelt thanks and pleasure to announce that Ezen will receive her Tier 1 mystery shopper reward of 15% off all purchases. Notification of the exclusive discount code and the terms and conditions had been sent via email.

Mystery Shopper Reward is a new initiative which we express our appreciation to our customers whom had spent above $50, provided valuable feedback privately as well as numerous voluntary contributions in sending us their swatches after using our products. These photos were published under the section "From Our Customers" at our blog page which adds vibrancy and an interactive approach which we get shoppers to share their photos and of course, properly credited to the owners of these pictures. The reward is exclusive and transferable to the winner's friends and family members for a period of 2 months. 

Thank you Ezen.

There will be another 2 sets of Tier 2 mystery shopper rewards to be announced towards 31st May 2015.

What's New and Different?

By Noelle Lim
on May 19, 2015
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Hello Ladies, it's been yet another while since I wrote. Many new arrivals in the pipeline to be excited with such as our new Aritaum Modinail Nail Polish Collection. It's one of the most sought after and blogged nail polish brand in Korea domestic market. The collection is usually seasonal and once they are sold out in Korea, they will not be re-produced. So do check them out.

To our loyal customers, we wish to thank you all for your continuous support as well as your voluntary contributions of pictures and photos. As such, as promised through our private chat and email correspondences, we have dedicated a section of our blog JUST FOR YOU! It can be found at our Blog Page under the drop down From Our Customers. We created this section just for you as well as for ladies whom wish to get some ideas to dress your nails up effortlessly. We seek permission for the pictures to be uploaded and were credited to the respective owners. We do very minimal editing to the pictures. Most of the editing done are due to blurry images and it was necessary to sharpen the pictures. Otherwise, no editing at all as the initiative of this section is unbiased and original from our customers instead of photoshop edited pictures found everywhere like many other selling sites to instigate a purchase with nice looking pictures only which may not be the actual true color or result after application.

To ladies whom are not our customers yet, we hope you will find this section as interactive as what our customers found them to be. Feel free to send us your pictures if you had used our products as long as you are comfortable, so we can make this section more vibrant and fun. 

Last but not least, I'll like to close this post with a snap shot of 167 positive feedback to-date that we received from our customers in a shopping application which we had built a strong base over the past year. We couldn't have done this without your trust and continuous support. To protect our customers' privacy, we had deleted their pictures and username. Thank you ladies and stay beautiful always! With love.



Nail Art Singapore's Milestone

By Noelle Lim
on February 03, 2015
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Things have been extremely busy for us since last October. Recently, we had been approached by a few advertising agencies and companies direct to facilitate their events with our nail wraps. From supply of Halloween themed nail stickers to a beauty spa on behalf of their client's event, to recommending brides to be the matching nail wraps for their bridesmaids' outfits, it's been a whole new experience for us. But that's not all! We recently got engaged by an agency on behalf of Pandora for their Valentine's Day 2015 collection launch with their VIPs. It was a 2 hours by invitation only event where the guests viewed the collection at their leisure while they get their nails wrapped by us! It has been a huge milestone for us and we will continue to try our best in sourcing for quality and unique products to meet our customers expectations.

Lucky Star Glitter Nail Polish Swatch

By Noelle Lim
on December 04, 2014
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Today, I'll be featuring our best selling Glitter Polish - Lucky Star. It has a transparent base that contains funky and cute glitters that looks good even applied on it's own. We can always get creative by using it as a glitter topper over your favorite nail color. 

When applied on it's own. For a more dramatic look, apply to 2 to 3 coats using dab, dip and glide technique. See this video HERE for an illustration of this method. Video credit to: all lacquered up

You can also use it as a glitter topper over your favorite polish color.

A) Lucky Star over Coffee Grey from our Premium Polish Collection

B) Lucky Star Over Black Polish (Picture credit to

That's it for today. Thank you ladies!

Crystal Lace Nail Stickers Swatches and Review

By Noelle Lim
on November 06, 2014
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Unlike the conventional cutie pie sort of stickers which you can see all over selling platforms such as gmarket and etc, which is never really my cup of tea anyway, because those look so fake, my store's focus has always been bringing in contemporary, unique and feminine designs at affordable price. So what's up with this new series? Finally all ready to hit the store, Crystal Lace Nail Stickers!

They looked really lovely at 1st glance even before I tear open the package. They are really thin, so you need to handle with real care when peeling off from the white card. The conformity is good. You need to have extremely good alignment judgement when putting them on your fingers. The reason is it is so thin, if you make an error and realign them, you may accidentally fold or tear them in the process of realignment. I was a little puzzled why my manufacturer made these so thin. Then, when I finished filing a set on my fingers, my eyes brightened up! They looked so elegant and feminine! In terms of durability, it lasted me about 4 days without top coat. I spoke to my manufacturer regarding my concern about the thin material but guess what, it actually makes sense! If the material is too thick for this series, it will not look natural and will have trickier conformity which will result in folds at the sides when you put them on. That's the last thing you want. Lastly, besides what I've mentioned earlier, here are some important pointers to take note:

1. Use 1 or 2 layers of base coat before putting these on so it will look shinier.

2. DO NOT use top coat as it will crease due to it's thin material. 

Now it's time to show you how they looked like after application. Hope you enjoyed this.

Blue Ocean & Chic Black Swatch

By Noelle Lim
on November 03, 2014
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Today, I'll like to bring your attention to Blue Ocean Glitter from our L'vida Glitter Polish Collection. Here's how it's looks like in packaging and a macro view of what's in it.

When applied on it's own, here's how it look after 1st coat (left) and 2nd coat (right)

Next is showing it's effect when applied as a glitter topper over Chic Black Polish from our premium polish collection. Here's the results after 1st coat (left) and 2nd coat (right). The amount of glitters is solely up to your discretion how much you want them on your nails.

Hope you enjoyed this and found this useful. It's really not too difficult to D.I.Y your nails using some imagination. 

Glitter Nail Stickers Swatches & Review

By Noelle Lim
on October 13, 2014
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I was going all excited about my new arrivals of nail stickers. But all is not done until I swatch them on my fingers to go through my stringent quality check before I put them on the shelves for customers. You must be wondering what quality check I am talking about. They are just stickers. You will be surprised there's a lot more to it. Such as durability (how long can it last?), conformity (how well it conform to my nails when I put them on? Do they fold easily? Can they stick well if I make error in alignment after taking them out and put them on again? Are they pain to file?) I was all so nervous when I put on my first piece because if they fail to adhere to my standard of quality, I will end up not putting them on my shelves which means, my stock will become my white elephants sitting in my inventory. 

These glitter stickers has much better conformity and alot easier to file due to thinner appliques comparing to the Vidanails Korean nail sticker I currently carry in store. Which makes sense, thinner appliques, better conformity. In terms of durability, I let one of them stayed on my hand for about 5 days and I must say I was surprised that it stayed on with very minor chip off. The reason I use 5 days as a guide because I usually remove any nail polish on my fingers after 4 days anyway, so these stickers passed my durability test! Do apply a layer of top coat over them after you are done. It helps them to last longer.

The adhesiveness of these stickers were great. I made some alignment error while positioning them on my fingers, so I detached, aligned again and they still stick perfectly. 

The best thing I like about these stickers was, they are so damn pretty! As a mummy of 2 really young and active boys, many times, I resort to using stickers despite I love painting my nails. The reason was simple, it's quick and easy, most importantly, no dry time!

Here are the swatches taken straight off my fingers! I think they are lovely! Do you? 



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