Hi ladies, it's been 2 months since the last nail art project. My sincere apologies for that. I was really caught up with the day to day routine, swatches for my nail stickers new arrivals. Mostly importantly, preparing my son for the year end exams which starts today to 4th November back to back. Gosh, that was stressful and hence I decided to paint yesterday and here's what I have:

What I used:
1. Modi Glam Rolling Cloud (Ring finger)
2. 3CE PK07 (Middle finger)
3. 3CE Pistachio Green (Index and Pinky)
4. Rhinstones (Optional)

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 2 coats of all the above polishes
3. Put on rhinestones
4. Apply Top Coat

I really love this look. Ok. I know I am biased against pastels. All my followers know I am a sucker for pastels.

I recently read an article by a beauty blogger. She was reviewing a brand of nail polishes which are available in most of the drugstores. In her blog, she wrote about her color preferences. Then followed by writing how great the colors those polishes were. There was no color swatch, just a good looking photo showing the nail polishes in product form. Some details about the color, how many coats needed and whether it chips easily or not. Not a single detail written about the brush, formula and application. Do you seriously call that a review? Or was it me being critical because I am seeing it from a nail addict's perspective? A color shot is a must to me if you are reviewing nail polishes. Or am I wrong?

The truth is, many of these reviews are probably staged. Yes, merchants perhaps pay a handsome sum of money for that review because they have more than 10K followers and I guess that's how they make a living with. Or maybe not. Just so they have something to post daily to gain more exposure and followers to their profile.  Or they get lots of freebies by having a writeup with nothing up in their sleeves. Or perhaps something they bought from the drugstore and decided to write with little knowledge of the nail industry or they usually get their nails done in the saloons then decided to paint out of the blue one day and write a review on that product. My apologies if I offended any of my readers here whom are bloggers and are of that nature. I personally think, there's got to be certain passion for the products you are writing about. You've got to use them for a period of time, across different brands to pass a fair comment or review. 

That is why I only work with bloggers whom are nail addicts like me, even if their number of followers were not great. It's not me being cheap, but I am looking for some sincerity in their work and photos. And I make it a point to ask them (if I remembered) what they think after they used the polishes. What's good and bad and compare to? I am perfectly fine with comments that's not music to my ears or eyes, because then I know what my customers like and I improve my collection and search for interesting products that can meet the demands of my customers. 

So here's my personal honest reviews on my polishes. L'vida champions in terms of the rich formula and great broad brush but in terms of colors, I do agree it can get a little boring because it's always the same old colors all year round. I simply like the fact in L'vida that most of the time I just need one coat to get the desired opacity. The polish can last very long even though it has a rich formulation. Unlike those cheap China made drug store polishes, which turns gloopy in 3 months after 1st opening. The very 1st Lvida nail polish I used was Baby Angel, and it's still good to go after slightly more than a year and a half. I added few drops of Modi nail polish thinner a month ago and it's as good as new.

For 3CE range, I find the formula alright, but 1 thing I hated was the brush because it's quite thin and narrow which requires a few swipes for long nails like mine. Some skills and patience in painting are needed when my nails are long. Other than that, the formula consistency consider quite good and easy to apply onto nails. 

As for Modi, I personally think the greatest plus point was their range of interesting colors! New launches every other 1 or 2 months and you can hardly breathe because the colors are just amazing. In terms of formula, Modi polishes are more liquid as compared to the others I carry. When I received my 1st batch of Modi stocks and tested them, I was a little worried that my regulars may not like the more translucent formula as compared to the rest. So I ensured I indicated that in the product description when I 1st launched this series to manage expectations. But it became the greatest hit compared to the rest recently with the ZERO PER ZERO series. At least 3 colors were sold out within the 1st week my stocks arrived and most of the colors are gone now. Although with a slightly runny formula, the application was really smooth. Hardly any streaks. You may need 3 coats for some of the lighter colors, the formula was smooth, the brush was superb and the end result is amazingly natural and stunning. Take for example this tutorial, I struggled a little putting on both the 3CE colors, but with Modi Rolling Cloud, the application was effortless. 

I hope you ladies enjoyed reading this and please please pardon me if I have any spelling or grammar mistakes in this article. I am not a professional blogger or writer but just a nail addict. 

Have fun and Cheers.
With Love