Hi ladies, I liked to show you some glitter projects I did recently. I am a sucker when it comes to glitters. It gives a plain manicure an extra glam. I know some of you are not glitter fans. Reasons I gathered mainly either it's not their style and work requirement reasons. Other than these reasons, it's also due to difficulty in removal.

Seriously! I think that is the only downside of glitters which can be easily sorted. When it comes to removing the glitters from your nails, all you need is just dab a good amount of polish remover onto a cotton pad and wrap it around your nails for about 1 minute then remove as usual. If that doesn't fully remove the glitters, repeat another round. That usually should suffice. For those with no patience, just play a no brainer game on your smart phone and before you knew it, 1 minute is up. That's what I do :) So nevertheless, even if you are not in the fanciful mood, some glitters don't hurt. It spice up a plain manicure instantly with an understated elegance. Here's what I have today.


3CE Indie Pink Glitter Nail Polish


What I used:
1. Lvida Pure White
2. 3CE Indie Pink Glitter

1. Apply base coat,
2. Apply 2 coats of Pure White
3. Apply Indie Pink Glitter. (Tip: Use dabbing technique. If needed, spread it onto a sheet of plastic or paper and pick up the glitters using dotting tool or tooth pick then place them onto your nails)
4. Apply Top Coat


Lvida Nail Polish


What I used:
1. Lvida Chic Black (As base color)
2. Lvida Snow White (Accent nail)
3. Modi Double Doors (As topper)

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 1
 coat of Chic Black
3. Apply 1 coat of Double Doors on nails painted black. (Use same technique to apply and pick up the glitters as mentioned earlier)
4. Apply 2 coats of Snow White as accent effect.
5. Apply top coat


Modi Double Door Nail Polish


Note: Double Doors has a sheer black formulation. It can be applied as it is but will take about 3 coats for full opacity. This picture here shows 3 coats of Double Doors. For those who prefer a sheer look instead, 2 coats will do. But if you like more opacity, a base black color just like what I did above can save you time.



3CE Glittery Sand Black Nail Polish


What I used:
1. 3CE Glittery Back Sand (SD04)
2. Lvida Snow White
3. Lvida Pure White

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 2 coats of Glittery Black Sand
3. 2 coats of Snow White as accent
4. 1 coat Pure White for french nail
5. Rhinestones (optional)

Both Sand Black and Snow White Glitter Polishes are made up of fine glitters. There's no need to fish out any glitters. Smooth and opaque in 2 coats.

3CE Arcane Turquoise Nail Polish


What I used:
1. 3CE Arcane Turquoise (BL08)
2. Modi White Jelly
3. Vidanail Lavender Purple
4. Lvida Snow White Glitter

This one looks complicated but it's really not. You can play with the overlapping colors which ever way you like. Both Lavender Purple and Arcane Turquoise have decent opacity so a clean 1 swipe is good to go. I chose Modi White Jelly instead of Lvida Pure White because I wanted my white to be sheer instead of opaque so it would not take the limelight away the other 2 colors. I left my Snow White to the last which I hunted down an old thin cosmetic brush, dabbed some Snow White onto it and gave a clean swipe across the meeting line where the colors overlapped. Just remember to dab off the access onto a sheet of plastic or paper before you apply snow white to avoid too much of it getting onto your nails. This could have been easier if you have those glitter nail art pen or brush which I did not have. So I make do with whatever stash I can find :P