Hi ladies, I felt there is a need for me to address this because I had been receiving feedback from customers having difficulties using nail stickers from Vidanail and Lvida collection. I'll try to be as brief as possible so as not to bore you with too much literature on the filing techniques and tips.

Vidanail and Lvida range of stickers have thicker material as compared to the glitter and lace stickers. As such, they are trickier to file because thicker material means some compromises to the conformity when applied onto your nails. That does not compromise the quality though, it's just getting a feel and hang of it to file them. Practice makes perfect.

After my countless experiments and putting them to the test of durability, I find a good way to work them out is by using a cuticle pusher and a higher grit nail file instead of the mini nail files provided. When using cuticle pusher, it is preferably to use one with rubber tip in order not to damage the sticker when you try to ease the creases at the sides as shown in the picture below. Forget about the extra top coat films if you are too lazy to file a 2nd round. Just use a fast dry top coat will do when using the Lvida range of stickers. Pardon me if the tools in this picture seems worn out because these 2 are heavily used in my nail art routine. 

After selecting the right size and pasting them to the respective fingers, give it a light stretch then fold down the stickers. Use the rubber tip of the cuticle pusher to smooth any visible creases. Then:

1. Start filing downwards from top middle finger tips. 4 to 5 strokes.
2. Then lift up the folded top and fold and file the sides starting from the extreme sides then slowly towards to your rounded or square tips, depending on the shape of your nails, until you are able to pull out the excess. This helps to minimize folds. (Note: always file downwards)
3. If there's any visible creases after step 2, use the cuticle pusher again to smooth them down then apply top coat. (You can go without it too!)

That is pretty much it really. It's a matter of trial and error. Once you master the art of filing, it's literally a walk in the park handling these stickers. I did my nail stickers project in 10 to 15 minutes (for full set) whenever I needed a quick fix. At times I incorporate painting and nail stickers in my projects for accent nail effect as shown in the pictures below when I have some spare time to paint.

For a safer bet, the lace and glitter stickers are the easiest to file. Conformity is superb and there's no need to apply top coat at all. They are my all time best sellers and 0 complaints so far. There's is no need to use the cuticle pusher as there's hardly any crease after applying the lace and glitter stickers. All you need is to press any crease down gently with your fingers if you spotted any.

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My apologies if this mailer is slightly lengthier than the previous ones as I want to address the concerns you ladies had. Pardon me if you spot any spelling or grammar errors as I wrote this to my best ability to be as clear as possible. 

Hope you've enjoyed this and it's time to see my recent projects below.

Zappy Blue Nail StickerZappy Blue Nail Sticker


What I used:
Lvida Zappy Blue Nail Sticker

1. Apply base coat
2. Select the right size respectively and file Zappy Blue onto each finger.
3. Use a cuticle pusher to ease visible creases (preferably those with rubber tip so as not to damage the sticker)


Milk Sky Nail Polish and Vivid Flower Nail Sticker

What I used:
1. Vidanail Milky Sky Nail Polish
2. Vidanail Vivid Flower Nail Sticker

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 
2 coats of Milky Sky
3. Apply Vivid Flower Sticker
4. Top Coat



3CE Peach Nail Polish and Sassy Lace Nail Sticker


What I used:
1. 3CE PE02 Nail Polish
2. Sassy White Lace Nail Sticker

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 2 coats of 3CE PE02
3. Apply Sassy Lace Sticker
4. Apply top coat to only nails painted with PE02


Lvida Navy Blue Nail Polish and Elegant Floral Lace Nail Sticker


What I used:
1. Lvida Navy Blue Nail Polish
2. Elegant Floral Lace Nail Sticker

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 2 coats of Lvida Navy Blue
3. Apply Elegant Floral Lace Sticker
4. Apply top coat to only nails painted with Lvida Navy Blue