Hi folks, today I'll bring you some nail art ideas using the gradient technique. I don't do this technique often because of the cleaning up process plus I have to ensure that my base color is 70% dry. If you have the patience to experiment this technique, there are so many ways you can recreate this using different colors. It will take a few trials and errors if you haven't done this before. For those that missed our last tutorial mailing, you can read HERE. So here we go:

Modi White Jelly, Ice Crush and Vidanail Milky Sky Nail Polish


Nail Polishes Used:

1. Modi White Jelly
2. Vidanail Milky Sky
3. Modi Ice Crush (As topper for icing effect)


  1. Apply a thin layer of base coat 
  2. 2 coats of Modi White Jelly from 3/4 nail length or full length as you wish
  3. Apply both White Jelly and Milky Sky onto a cosmetic sponge, blend then dab onto nails. (You can google for gradient techniques on youtube, plenty of tutorials for reference)
  4. Apply a coat of Modi Ice Crush for icing effect (optional)
  5. Put on rhinestones (optional) Click HERE for pictorial of rhinestones application.
  6. Apply top coat for finishing


Modi Cherry Tomatoes and Sparkling Gold


Applying the same technique, I did this simple set of nails to match my ivory chiffon blouse for an event using the following colors:

  1. Modi Platinium Cherry Tomatoes (I manage to keep my hands stable and only a coat is needed! Hurray)
  2. Modi Glam Sparkling Gold

For the gradient effect, I used Sparkling Gold and Base Coat for application. I fished out the chunky gold pieces with a toothpick by spreading Sparkling Gold polish onto a piece of paper then picked up the chunky bits after the gradient was done. It was an easier creation and took lesser time to blend. If you want more glitters, repeat the gradient application until your desire amount is achieved. 

Hope you've enjoyed this and have fun dressing up your nails because they deserved to be beautiful.