Hi folks, today I'll bring you some nail art ideas with the help of nail stickers and decals. Personally, I used them a lot because I can't draw very well plus I have unstable hands to begin with. I have school going kids plus daily posting schedules to adhere to, so finding time to explore nail art skills had proven really challenging for me. If you can draw, by all means draw it! But if you are like me, you will find them a great help.

Vidanail Milky Sky with Vivid Flower Nail Sticker


What I used:

  1. 2 Coats of Vidanail Milky Sky Nail Polish (Excluding the accent nail)
  2. Vidanail Vivid Flower Nail Sticker (For accent nail) 

You can view a simple pictorial demo HERE on how to apply this nail sticker. 
Note: Skip the 1st step where you apply a base color because it looks great on its own anyway. I did not use any base color for the accent nail. Just apply base coat and once it's semi dry, you're ready to stick it on, then top coat for finishing.


Modi White Jelly and Crystal Web White Lace Nail Sticker


This set of nails was done quickly because I needed to attend a wedding luncheon earlier in the week. My friends thought I went to the salon for gelish but nah. Here's what I used:

  1. 3 coats of Modi White Jelly and top with a coat of Vidanail Crystal Nail Polish (to achieve a slight shimmer) on my white nails.
  2. 1 coat of Vidanail Crystal Nail Polish for subtle shimmer and Crystal Web White Lace Nail Sticker for my 2 accent nails. Click HERE for a pictorial of this nail sticker application.

Some tips and pointers:

You can skip the Vidanail Crystal Polish application to save time. 

I used 3 coats of Modi White Jelly because the formula is more sheer as compared to my Vidanail, 3CE and L'vida range. For those that are very used to highly pigmented or opacity polishes, you may find it a litter trickier to get a feel of how much is needed for each swipe. Trick is 3 thin coats. It's meant to have a sheer effect like what you commonly see in gelish results. You can always substitute with your preferred brand of white polish if you like. 

Do not apply top coat on the lace sticker for finishing. It's shiny on it's own but mainly the material of the sticker is really thin in order to achieve a natural result instead of looking like you just had a plastic surgery on your nails. I've tried topping with various brands of top coat, some brands will crease the sticker because the chemical is too strong. Some don't. So I do without it completely.


Modi Glam Sparkling Gold and Meticulous Rose Water Decal

This set of nails was inspired by a nail enthusiast on Instagram. Here's what I used:

  1. 2 coats of Modi Glam Sparkling Gold Glitter Nail Polish starting from half length of my nails.
  2. Meticulous Rose Water Decal (See HERE for pictorial of water decal application)

Among these 3, this was the easiest and fastest to do. If you want more bling bling, just apply more coats of the glitter polish. A tip you may wish to know is to use the dabble technique to apply chunky glitter polishes instead of the usual swipe in order to catch your desired amount of glitters on your nails. You can always google for techniques to apply glitter polishes. Plenty of tutorials when you run this search. What I like about this set is since the Sparkling Gold has a transparent base, it's really easy to manage. Once you are done with the water decal, apply top coat and you are ready to go.