Hi folks, I've done a few sets of nails over the past week and here's one of them.


What you will need:

  1. Base Coat
  2. Top Coat
  3. L'vida Baby Angle Nail Polish
  4. L'vida Snow White Glitter Nail Polish
  5. Dotting Tool or Tooth Pick
  6. Teardrop Rhinestones (Or any design you preferred, optional if you don't have them)

1. Clean and Buff nails 
2. Apply Base Coat 
3. Apply 1 coat of L'vida Snow White at 1/3 nail length. 2 coats if you like more opacity.
4. Apply 1 coat of L'vida Baby Angel at the nail tip  (Just like a french tip)
5. Put on rhinestones using dotting tool or toothpick. If you do not have rhinestones, improvise by dotting snow white with your dotting tool or toothpick. (Click HERE for more tips on how to work with rhinestones on your nails or HERE for an easy picture demo) 
6. Apply top coat.


Completed! Simple and Easy to re-create with any color combination. The thing I like about negative space nails is there's less mess to clean up. No messy cuticles which can be a real pain to touch up. It also gives an understated elegance in my opinion.

Here's another recreation I did last week.


I used L'vida Navy Blue, Snow White and Celebrate Glitter Nail Polishes. Added the blue star and silver flower rhinestones for an extra twist. All L'vida Nail Polishes are Formaldehyde, Touluene & DBP Free (3 Free). 

If you have stash of  thicken nail polishes lying somewhere in your closet, try reviving them with our new arrival Modi Nail Polish Thinner. I did with my L'vida Baby Angel. Works wonders, HA! Check it out HERE if you like.

Hope you've enjoyed this and have fun dressing up your nails because they deserved to be beautiful.