It's been a long while since I painted my nails. I had been resorting to nail stickers due to my mad rush daily routines such as sending kids in and out of school and fulfilling orders and delivery schedules. It's school holidays now and finally I decided it's time to paint! So here you go. Hope you like this tutorial.


What you will need:

  1. Base Coat
  2. Top Coat
  3. L'vida Navy Blue
  4. Vidanail Crystal
  5. Dotting Tool or Tooth Pick
  6. Rhinestones

1. Clean and Buff nails 
2. Apply Base Coat 
3. Apply 1 coat of L'vida Navy Blue starting at half nail length.
4. Apply 1 coat of Vidanail Crystal over the nail
5. Put on rhinestones across where the 2 colors divide using dotting tool or toothpick (Tip: Put on the rhinestones one finger at a time as you apply Vidanail Crystal when the polish is still wet so as to secure the rhinestones. Click HERE for more tips on how to work with rhinestones on your nails or HERE for an easy picture demo) 
6. Repeat Step 4 and 5 for all fingers (Remember, one at a time!)
7. Apply top coat.

That's it folks. If you are inspired by this, go hunt your stash and start dressing up your nails this weekend. Why? Because they deserve to be beautiful. Experts say a woman's nails say a thousand words about her.

On days when you go plain with no polish on your nails, make sure you do the proper routine such as your weekly trimming, filing, buffing and cleaning your nails with a nourishing nail polish remover. Apply your base and top coat even if there's no polish on. If you have dry cuticles, apply some cuticle cream or oil daily. These can be done in less than 5 minutes and it can go a long way without spending a dime at nail salons or on expensive nail treatment products. If you don't have these basic nail essentials, go get some. They can be found everywhere. Or if you intend to get some but lazy to get out, try out what I am using HERE. And look at my nails. Not too bad huh? I proudly say I am the best ambassador of my own products. 

Have fun ladies and wish you have a good weekend. 

With Love

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