It is with heartfelt thanks and pleasure to announce that Ezen will receive her Tier 1 mystery shopper reward of 15% off all purchases. Notification of the exclusive discount code and the terms and conditions had been sent via email.

Mystery Shopper Reward is a new initiative which we express our appreciation to our customers whom had spent above $50, provided valuable feedback privately as well as numerous voluntary contributions in sending us their swatches after using our products. These photos were published under the section "From Our Customers" at our blog page which adds vibrancy and an interactive approach which we get shoppers to share their photos and of course, properly credited to the owners of these pictures. The reward is exclusive and transferable to the winner's friends and family members for a period of 2 months. 

Thank you Ezen.

There will be another 2 sets of Tier 2 mystery shopper rewards to be announced towards 31st May 2015.