Hello Ladies, it's been yet another while since I wrote. Many new arrivals in the pipeline to be excited with such as our new Aritaum Modinail Nail Polish Collection. It's one of the most sought after and blogged nail polish brand in Korea domestic market. The collection is usually seasonal and once they are sold out in Korea, they will not be re-produced. So do check them out.

To our loyal customers, we wish to thank you all for your continuous support as well as your voluntary contributions of pictures and photos. As such, as promised through our private chat and email correspondences, we have dedicated a section of our blog JUST FOR YOU! It can be found at our Blog Page under the drop down From Our Customers. We created this section just for you as well as for ladies whom wish to get some ideas to dress your nails up effortlessly. We seek permission for the pictures to be uploaded and were credited to the respective owners. We do very minimal editing to the pictures. Most of the editing done are due to blurry images and it was necessary to sharpen the pictures. Otherwise, no editing at all as the initiative of this section is unbiased and original from our customers instead of photoshop edited pictures found everywhere like many other selling sites to instigate a purchase with nice looking pictures only which may not be the actual true color or result after application.

To ladies whom are not our customers yet, we hope you will find this section as interactive as what our customers found them to be. Feel free to send us your pictures if you had used our products as long as you are comfortable, so we can make this section more vibrant and fun. 

Last but not least, I'll like to close this post with a snap shot of 167 positive feedback to-date that we received from our customers in a shopping application which we had built a strong base over the past year. We couldn't have done this without your trust and continuous support. To protect our customers' privacy, we had deleted their pictures and username. Thank you ladies and stay beautiful always! With love.