Unlike the conventional cutie pie sort of stickers which you can see all over selling platforms such as gmarket and etc, which is never really my cup of tea anyway, because those look so fake, my store's focus has always been bringing in contemporary, unique and feminine designs at affordable price. So what's up with this new series? Finally all ready to hit the store, Crystal Lace Nail Stickers!

They looked really lovely at 1st glance even before I tear open the package. They are really thin, so you need to handle with real care when peeling off from the white card. The conformity is good. You need to have extremely good alignment judgement when putting them on your fingers. The reason is it is so thin, if you make an error and realign them, you may accidentally fold or tear them in the process of realignment. I was a little puzzled why my manufacturer made these so thin. Then, when I finished filing a set on my fingers, my eyes brightened up! They looked so elegant and feminine! In terms of durability, it lasted me about 4 days without top coat. I spoke to my manufacturer regarding my concern about the thin material but guess what, it actually makes sense! If the material is too thick for this series, it will not look natural and will have trickier conformity which will result in folds at the sides when you put them on. That's the last thing you want. Lastly, besides what I've mentioned earlier, here are some important pointers to take note:

1. Use 1 or 2 layers of base coat before putting these on so it will look shinier.

2. DO NOT use top coat as it will crease due to it's thin material. 

Now it's time to show you how they looked like after application. Hope you enjoyed this.