I was going all excited about my new arrivals of nail stickers. But all is not done until I swatch them on my fingers to go through my stringent quality check before I put them on the shelves for customers. You must be wondering what quality check I am talking about. They are just stickers. You will be surprised there's a lot more to it. Such as durability (how long can it last?), conformity (how well it conform to my nails when I put them on? Do they fold easily? Can they stick well if I make error in alignment after taking them out and put them on again? Are they pain to file?) I was all so nervous when I put on my first piece because if they fail to adhere to my standard of quality, I will end up not putting them on my shelves which means, my stock will become my white elephants sitting in my inventory. 

These glitter stickers has much better conformity and alot easier to file due to thinner appliques comparing to the Vidanails Korean nail sticker I currently carry in store. Which makes sense, thinner appliques, better conformity. In terms of durability, I let one of them stayed on my hand for about 5 days and I must say I was surprised that it stayed on with very minor chip off. The reason I use 5 days as a guide because I usually remove any nail polish on my fingers after 4 days anyway, so these stickers passed my durability test! Do apply a layer of top coat over them after you are done. It helps them to last longer.

The adhesiveness of these stickers were great. I made some alignment error while positioning them on my fingers, so I detached, aligned again and they still stick perfectly. 

The best thing I like about these stickers was, they are so damn pretty! As a mummy of 2 really young and active boys, many times, I resort to using stickers despite I love painting my nails. The reason was simple, it's quick and easy, most importantly, no dry time!

Here are the swatches taken straight off my fingers! I think they are lovely! Do you?