As far as I am concern, nail stickers are saviors to shaky handed D.I.Y manicures. No chips, no bubbles, no polish all over my finger tips. Most of the nail stickers comes with 16-18 appliques, which is not quite enough for 2 full manicures. However, you can get really creative with these left over or oversize nail stickers that do not fit your nails. Here's a few ways to wear those left over or oversize nail stickers.

1. French Tips

Unless you have very stable hands to go without french guided tapes, nail stickers are perfect to upgrade your french manicure. No more tapes, no more worries about waiting for your painted nails to dry before taping the tip to paint your final finale for that perfect french nail. Just cut the top of the sticker, or anywhere really, press it onto the nail and file off the excess.

2. Cut Outs

Find any hole puncher, it can be your regular hole puncher or the decorative types, punch the nail sticker then place it anywhere you want it to be on your nail. Alternatively, use a pair of scissors to cut out your desire shapes. They can be geometric, stripes, squares etc and arrange them onto your nails as you wish.

Hope you ladies find this helpful.